Become A Great Event Provider!

If you've have at least 2 years of experience and you've earned
a great reputation for customer service, honesty and integrity, we want to talk with you!

We are the largest event planning company of this type in the United States and do 1000's of events every year nationwide.
As you can see, we also have a great website which lists all of the members of our network and is the #1 resource for planning
a corporate event and is used by over 2.5 million clients per month!
At present we produce approximately 200 events per month nationwide!

In order to be a national event planner of this caliber, we have to have connections for all types of services in all areas of the U.S. Obviously we cannot physically attend every event or provide every type of service, so we have partnered with 1000's of event planners, caterers and other professionals nationwide to help us with our events and we would love to work with you on our event needs in your area.
Here's how it works:
Once you decide to join our network you will be listed on our website and put into our database.
Our clients, as well as other members of our network, will then be able to see that you are the provider that we use in your area and the clients will either call you directly or contact us to put the entire event together. (your phone number, email address and website link will be added to our site). If we are contacted first by the client, we will, depending on our schedule, either contact you directly so that we can coordinate the event or we will forward the leads to your office.
How Much Does It Cost?
If we are putting together the entire event, will will farm everything out to the members of our network Considering all of the above, I think you will see that the small cost of only $20 per month ($240 per year) to participate is extremely reasonable and I am sure you will be happy with the results and the amount of exposure & leads your company will receive. Remember, you are not only used by our corporate clients but you will also be listed as a network member to our event planners and other members of our network that are looking for your services as well.

So don't wait! For more information on how you can become a planner with us and be listed on our website,
please call us directly at or email us at:

If you already know that you want to be a part of our network just copy and paste this info into an email and send it to:

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