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Speakers, Conference and Meeting Tips

** Speakers ** 
The Speakers have a lot to do with the amount of interaction that goes on between attendees. Ask speakers how they get the audience involved and what you can do to help them create a great program.  Since your speakers will have a big impact on your reaching your goals and objectives make sure you review these items with each speaker and provide them with an audience profile.

Also ask your speakers to integrate questions and responses throughout the session.  It is important for the audience to be able to clarify the information presented and to be able to speak directly with the presenter.

You can also build in time for small discussion groups.  Assign topic or areas of discussion and have each group report back to the large group on the outcome of the discussion.  Getting everyone involved is a key to successful learning.


** Hired Guns ** 
Hired guns are professional speakers who make speaking their full-time career.  These days, professional speakers are generalists, specialists, or both and oftentimes (but not always) are represented by a speaker's bureau.

Hired guns also can be celebrities.  You often hear about famous athletes who hit the speaking circuit during or after their sports careers.  Celebrity speakers come in many flavors: CEO's, commentators, politicians, journalists, writers, sports figures and of course, entertainers and radio/TV/Movie stars.

You also have the "expert" speakers.  They usually have influence, are respected in their field, and have developed a niche.  They may or may not be represented by a speaker's bureau.  The price range varies from speaker to speaker.  You can cut a good deal on someone just starting out or shell out  big bucks for someone in demand.


** Breakout Speakers ** 
There are community, business, industry, and educational leaders who make presentations to groups.  These people speak on a variety of topics and can enhance your program.

Not only are these individuals good for breakout sessions, also consider them for facilitating sessions or roundtable discussions on their area of expertise.  Attendees love roundtable sessions because there is interaction and it is a more intimate session.


** Meeting Information Sheet** 
Create a meeting information sheet for all speakers.  This document is different from a contract and should provide important information about the meeting.  This should be created a few weeks in advance of the meeting or conference when you have registration data.  The information sheet should contain the following:


    * Confirmation of the day/date/time of the presentation, and expected time to be at the venue.

    * Audience statistics, the number of males/females, a sampling of job titles, age range, where attendees are from, and the number of         

        expected attendees for the session.


   * A review of meeting goals and objectives.


   * The visual and handout expectations and procedures.


   * The guestroom reservation confirmation number, if applicable.


   * Transportation details, if applicable


   * A meeting program if it is available or at least a final agenda with meeting room assignments.  Also include a facility floor plan

      and driving directions.


   * Information on the speaker-ready (rehearsal room)


   * Instructions for expense and speaking-fee reimbursement, if applicable.


Prepare your speakers in advance as to the meeting's goals and objectives and the audience profile.


Carefully review your speakers' contracts so there is no misunderstandings.


Industry hot topics and networking provide valuable leads to find speakers.


Take care of your speakers.  Focus on their needs so they can focus on imparting valuable information.

More tips are available in the book: Complete idiots guide to meeting and event planning

The Complete Idiots Guide to Meeting and Event Planning

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event that is organized and within your budget.

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