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Plan Your Own Menu * Select Your Choices * Plan Around Your Budget * Save $$$


Plan Your Own Menu * Select Your Choices * Plan Around Your Budget * Save $$$

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Creamy Mashed Potatoes

~ Creamy Mashed Potatoes ~
Perfect potatoes can make any meal more satisfying.
Real potatoes, whipped with butter and cream 'til they're fluffy
as a cloud. A perfect complement to every entrée.

$1.00 Per Person
Based on 5 oz servings per guest

Krunchie Potato Wedges

~ Potato Wedges ~

Crispy, crunchy, and golden on the outside. Moist and mellow inside. An exciting departure from the usual potato routine.
A delectably different appetizer or side.

$0.50 per person
Price based on 8 pcs per guest
QUIK TATERS® Cheesy Potato Nuggets

~ Cheesy Potato Nuggets ~

Potatoes blended with rich, creamy cheddar! Experience the crispy crust, the cheesy potato center – and all the goodness in between. A new dimension of flavor for an old favorite.

$1.25 per person
Based on 5 pcs  per guest
Sour Cream Seasoned Potato Wedges


~ Sour Cream Season Potato Wedges ~

Large skin-on potatoes cut into wedges and coated
with the sour cream and chive taste you love.

$0.50 per person
Based on 8 pcs servings per guest

Stuffed Potatoes

~ Stuffed Potatoes ~

Potato skins filled with a blend of mashed potatoes, chives,
and other herbs. Topped with crispy bits of bacon.

$1.50 per person
Based on 5 oz servings per guest

Quick Bake French Fries

~ French Fries ~

The first-choice winner with children and grown-ups alike.

$0.45 per person
Based on 15 pcs servings per guest
Seasoned Potato Curls

~ Seasoned Potato Curls ~

Potato Curls seasoned with zippy but not-too-hot spices for a taste treat that’s positively irresistible!

$0.50 per person
Based on 3 oz servings per guest

Herb Garlic Roasted Yukon Gold Potato & Vegetable Blend

~ Herb Garlic Roasted Gold Yukon Vegi Blend ~

Deliciously distinctive. We combine the rich flavor of
roasted Yukon gold potatoes with a colorful vegetable blend broccoli florets, carrots, and fire-roasted red peppers
herb and garlic seasoning.

$0.95 per person
Based on 1 cup servings per guest

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