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Event Scheduling Checklist
Courtesy of Event-plannerwest.com

6 to 12 Months Ahead

Yes No

___ ___Decide event purpose (raise funds, visibility, celebration, etc.)

___ ___Choose a theme

___ ___Visit potential sites

___ ___Research/appoint an event coordinator/manager

___ ___Research/select committees/chairpersons

___ ___Chairperson forms subcommittees

___ ___Get cost estimates (site rental, food, drinks, sound/lights, etc.)

___ ___Get recommendations for entertainment; hold auditions

___ ___Get bids for entertainment

___ ___Get bids for decorations

___ ___Get bids for design/printing

___ ___Get bids for other major items

___ ___Finance committee drafts initial budget

___ ___Decide on admission cost

___ ___Create sponsorship amounts/levels

___ ___List items to be underwritten and possible sources

___ ___Research/approach honorees

___ ___Compile mailing list (individuals/businesses)

___ ___Check proposed date for potential conflicts, finalize date in writing

___ ___Get written contracts for site, catering, entertainment, etc.

___ ___Develop alternative site (if event is outdoors)

___ ___Consider pre-party event for publicity or underwriting

___ ___Invite/confirm VIPs

___ ___Pick graphic artist; begin invitation design

___ ___Create logo for event with graphic artist

___ ___Order hold-the-date cards or other event announcements

___ ___Set marketing/public relations schedule

___ ___Develop press release and calendar listings

___ ___Select photographer; arrange for photos of VIPs, chairmen, honorees

___ ___Get biographical information on VIPs, celebrities, honorees, chairmen

___ ___Investigate need for special permits, licenses, insurance, etc.

3 to 6 Months

___ ___Begin monthly committee meetings

___ ___Write/send requests for funding or underwriting to major donors, corporations, sponsors

___ ___Request logos from corporate sponsors for printing

___ ___Review with graphic artist invitations, programs, posters, etc.

___ ___Prepare final copy for invitations, return card, posters

___ ___Prepare final copy for tickets

___ ___Complete mailing lists for invitations

___ ___Order invitations, posters, tickets, etc.

______ Sign contract with entertainment company

___ ___Make list of locations for posters

___ ___Finalize mailing lists; begin soliciting corporations and major donors

___ ___Obtain lists from honorees, VIPs

___ ___Obtain radio/TV sponsors, public service announcements, promos

___ ___Set menu with caterer for food and beverages

___ ___Secure permits and insurance

___ ___ Get written confirmation of celebrity participation/special needs

___ ___Finalize audio/visual contract

___ ___Select/order trophies/awards

2 Months Ahead

___ ___Hold underwriting or preview party to coincide with mailing of invitations; invite media

___ ___Assemble/address invitations (with personal notes when possible)

___ ___Mail invitations

___ ___Distribute posters

___ ___Finalize transportation/hotel accommodations for staff, VIPs, honorees

___ ___Obtain contracts for decorations and rental items

___ ___Confirm TV/radio participation

___ ___Release press announcements about celebrities, VIPs, honorees

___ ___Follow up to confirm sponsorships and underwriting

___ ___Obtain logos from corporate sponsors for program printing

___ ___Review needs for signs at registration, directional, etc.

___ ___ All major chairpersons to finalize plans

___ ___Hold walk-through of event with responsible committees, chairpersons and responsible site staff

members at event site

___ ___Review/finalize budget, task sheets and tentative timeline

___ ___Start phone follow-up for table sponsors (corporate, VIP, committee)

1 Month Ahead

___ ___Phone follow-up of mailing list (ticket sales)

___ ___Place newspaper ads, follow up with news media, on-air announcements

___ ___Confirm staff for registration, hosting, other

___ ___Write to VIPs, celebrities, program participants, confirm participation

___ ___ Complete list of contents for VIP welcome packets

___ ___ Get enlarged site plan/room diagram, assign seats/tables

___ ___Give estimate of guests expected to caterer/food service

___ ___Meet with all outside vendors, consultants to coordinate event

___ ___Review script/timeline

___ ___Continue phone follow-ups for ticket/table sales

___ ___Continue assigning seats; set head table, speaker's platform

___ ___Confirm transportation schedules: airlines, trains, buses, cars, limos

___ ___Confirm hotel accommodations

___ ___Prepare transportation and accommodations (include arrival time, flight number, airline, person assigned

___ ___to meet flight)

___ ___Confirm special security needed for VIPs, event

___ ___Prepare welcome packet for VIPs, chairmen, and key staff

___ ___Schedule deliveries of special equipment, rentals

___ ___Confirm setup and tear down times with event site

___ ___Finalize plans with party decorator

___ ___Give caterer revised numbers

___ ___Meet with chairpersons, key staff to finalize any of the above

1 Week Before

___ ___Meet with all committees for last-minute details

___ ___Finish phone follow-ups

___ ___Confirm number attending

___ ___Finish seating/table arrangements

___ ___Hold training session with volunteers; finalize assignments

___ ___Secure two or three volunteers to assist with emergencies

___ ___Finalize registration staff

___ ___Distribute seating chart, assignments to hosts/hostesses

___ ___Schedule pickup or delivery of any rented or loaned equipment

___ ___Double-check arrival time and delivery times with vendors

___ ___Reconfirm event site, hotel, transportation

___ ___Deliver final scripts/ timelines to all program participants

___ ___Finalize catering guarantee, refreshments

___ ___Confirm number of volunteers

___ ___Make follow-up calls to news media for advance and event coverage

___ ___Distribute additional fliers

___ ___Final walk-through with all personnel

___ ___Schedule rehearsals

___ ___Schedule volunteer assignments for day of event

___ ___Establish amount of petty cash needed for tips and emergencies

___ ___Write checks for payments to be made for the day of the event

Day Before Event

___ ___Lay out all clothes that you will need the day of the event

___ ___Recheck all equipment and supplies to be brought to the event

___ ___Have petty cash and vendor checks prepared

Event Day

___ ___Arrive early (with your change of clothes)

___ ___Unpack equipment, supplies and make sure nothing is missing

___ ___Be sure all VIPs are in place and have scripts

___ ___Reconfirm refreshments/meal schedule for volunteers

___ ___Go over all the final details with caterer and setup staff

___ ___Check with volunteers to make sure all tasks are covered

___ ___Setup registration area

___ ___Check sound/light equipment and staging before rehearsal

___ ___Hold final rehearsal

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