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Event Photography
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Consider the following before selecting a photographer:

 Do you know specifically WHY you want photographs of your event?

 Do you know the specific media for the finished product, i.e. black & white, color, prints, transparencies,

4x5’s, 8x10’s, etc.?

 Do you have a specific idea how the finished image(s) should look?

 Do you know how you would like the finished product delivered? (In paper jackets, in a preview or highend

presentation album, etc.)

 Do you have an idea of how much of the photographer’s time will be required?

 Do you have an idea of what time of day will work best for your needs?

 Do you know specifically when you, your company, ad agency, etc. will need the finished product?

 Do you have a set budget?

Questions to resolve with the photographer before booking:

 Does the photographer have experience with the type of event you are planning?

 Can the photographer produce the kind of media (35 mm, medium format, transparencies, black & white,

etc.) you want?

 Who will maintain the rights to the photos and/or negatives?

 Does the photographer have restrictions regarding number of exposures, locations, etc.?

 How and by whom will the photos be delivered?

 Are there delivery charges?

 How soon can finished photos be expected?

 What are the payment terms?

 What are reprint charges?

 Does the photographer’s proposal/contract detail ALL the terms of your agreement?

Issues to resolve before the event:

 Inform the photographer completely what the job includes:

 Times, locations, contact(s), guests, etc.

 Types of photos (specific shots of individuals, scenes, decorations, food)

 Be specific on what shots you want, the photographer is not a mind reader.

 Contact the photographer prior to the event to confirm all the details.

 Be sure all arrangements have been made for the photographer’s needs, including settings, subjects,

lighting, security passes, etc.

 If someone from your staff is to work directly with the photographer, has that person been contacted and

arrangements finalized?

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