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She played "Helga" the blonde sexy secretary who spent most of her time fighting off men, especially Col. Hogan, on and off the set. They had a brief steaming love affair and after only one season she quit the show in order to save her rocky marriage which ended anyway.  She has 2 children. Tony & Lisa. They all live in a quiet town just outside of Los Angeles, California.

She and Author Edward Ansara have just written a book titled "Escape To Freedom" that's sure to be a hit among her loyal fans.

She was born Zinta Valda Zimilis, April 2, 1936 in Riga, Latvia.  She fled from Latvia during the war with her mother and grandmother when she was only 3 and suffered from nightmares, sometimes so bad that she woke up shaking.  "I can still hear the bombs going off".  It's something I will never forget - "Even today, when I hear a fire siren I shudder, and fourth of July is always difficult with all the fireworks going off".

She still has vivid memories of how her mother and grandmother snatched her up in the middle of the night - fleeing ahead of the approaching Russian army during World War II.  They traveled miles by foot being attacked often on the road by Russian planes and all they had for food were crusts of black bread.

When she arrived in New York at the age of 17 her beauty led her into modeling, dancing and acting with the likes of Johnny Carson, Jackie Gleason and Bess Myerson and ironically was cast into a show based on the War she tried so hard to forget.

The first day on the set, when she saw the German uniforms she actually got sick.  She later adjusted and looking back she say's those were the best times of her life.

Cynthia with "The Gang"

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