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Jest Murder - Serves Nationwide Click Here For Company Profile & Contact Info
Would you like your cake and eat it too? That's what you'll get each time Murder Mystery Players perform their hysterical murder mystery productions! From New York City to Honolulu, the professional actors of Murder Mystery Players create Murder Mystery Parties by mixing team building and fun-filled entertainment with exciting results. Your guests will experience the thrill of solving a mysterious crime and have the time of their lives talking directly to the suspects and cheering company slogans and catch phrases incorporated into the play. Furthermore, the room will fill with laughter as your fellow guests become part of the murder mystery dinner party. Murder Mystery Players can even custom write a murder mystery performance especially for your corporate event planning and private party planning!

This featured company has been visited  times since 7/9/07

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If you are a murder mystery company that services any city in Montana and would like to apply
for a CEC Top Choice Award and be listed on our website as one of our top 5 recommended providers
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All of our recommended murder mystery companies listed in our extensive directory specializes in putting together murder mysteries in Montana. They have talented actors and actresses that are sure to make your corporate event, fundraiser or private party one to remember.
Are you planning a murder mystery dinner show as a fundraiser or a private corporate event or party in Montana?. If so, hiring a professional company that specializes in putting together and planning a murder show will make your event go off without a hitch.
Murder Mystery Event Planners also have many local connections with caterers, entertainment companies, event locations, dj's and other professional services such as audio visual equipment and more. Hiring A full-service Montana event planner can coordinate your entire event from start to finish so all you have to do is show up and have fun! Let them do all the planning. Some event planners in Montana not only specialize in planning murder mysteries, but they also work with clients on other types of events such as birthday parties, fundraisers, anniversaries and more.
When hiring an event planner in Mobile be sure to ask them as many questions as you can about their company and past clients to be sure that you find the planner that best suites your needs and budget. Whether you need to rent blackjack tables, roulette, craps or hold a full-blown Texas hold em poker tournament, you will find everything you need here at the Corporate Event Channel.


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Montana Murder Mystery Fundraisers
A murder mystery dinner theater fundraiser is a fun way to raise funds. Here's how to host a murder mystery as a fundraising event. First, you need to find a location and that choice is critical to your success.

Your location must combine good food with exclusive use of the facility because your theater performance takes place in acts divided by dinner courses. You don't want other restaurant patrons coming and going during the critical scenes, so it's best to book a reserved dining room at an inn or a large restaurant.

Make sure the room seats a large enough crowd to actually produce a good profit. Negotiate a flat group rate that includes dinner and dessert. Check and see if there are deals that include wine with dinner or if there's a corkage fee if they bring their own bottle.

Theater Event Ticket Pricing A basic rule of thumb is to set the ticket prices at double the cost. For example, if the group dining rate including meal is $25, then price your tickets at $50. Don't forget to include other costs such as script or performance charges.

If you include other fundraising activities, then you can reduce your ticket markup and keep prices lower. That, in turn, may be what helps you sell out your event, so keep supply and demand in mind when setting your prices

Montana Murder Mystery Performance Some groups will have their own members perform the mystery script. Others prefer to work with a local theater group so that the performances are more professional and attendees are less likely to know the performers.

You can find mystery dinner theater scripts online for a reasonable price. It's also possible that the local theater group may already have a working script in-house that they have already performed.

Montana Murder Mystery Profit Tips Here are some ways to generate extra profits. Get items and services donated by local businesses and place them on tables for silent auction bids. Be sure to talk up the silent auction items as guests gather and remind everyone periodically to bid again by talking up the deals still to be had on great items.

Offer restaurant gift certificates that you've purchased at a discount. Many restaurants will sell a gift certificate at 20% off face value to qualifying fundraisers.

If the restaurant approves, you could offer a wine tasting along with dinner by working with a local wine merchant. Obviously, you would charge extra for the wine tasting and seat those people in one area. Work a fair deal with the merchant so that it's a win/win scenario.

Sponsorships are another way to raise funds. Sell sponsor ad spaces on your event menu or look for corporate contributions to help offset costs. Some groups raise in excess of $25,000 with their mystery dinner theater performances.

Montana Mystery Dinner Theater Wrap-up This fun fundraising event offers couples a great night out on the town complete with dinner and entertainment. Contract for a group rate at a local inn or restaurant with a large reserved dining room. Work with a local theater group for script and performers.

Add extra value through a fundraising auction or silent auction of donated items. If the restaurant allows, you can also offer a wine tasting or whiskey tasting to raise even more funds.

Plan ahead and make your Mystery Dinner Theater a truly enjoyable fundraising event. Be sure to check out all of our recommended murder mystery companies to find the one that best suits your needs.

Kimberly Reynolds writes for national publications about nonprofit fundraisers, mystery dinner theater fundraising and charity fundraiser events.
Find more
ideas on her website,

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Events 4 U 2501 Montana Ave Billings MT 59101 406-256-1492
Eventtures Corporate Events Billings MT 406-294-9216
Fun for All Amusement & Entertainment Billings MT 406-256-5859
Party Solutions 2203 Grand Ave Billings MT 59102 406-652-5201
Steep World 208 N 13th St Billings MT 59101 406-252-5462


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Murder Mystery Show

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Montana Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

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Murder Mystery Players
Jest Murder
Spencer Daniels
The Event Wizard

A murder mystery party in Montana is a unique new way to entertain guests. Invite six to eight close friends or family members to your house for a night of role playing and mystery solving fun.

There are several options in which to obtain your murder mystery from. Look online for several different printable versions. You can also choose to buy the mystery in game from or write your own mystery.

Each guest is assigned a role to play. From the start nobody knows how the game will turn out. During the first part of the game each guest is given a fact sheet of clues about their character and the characters around them. When all of the information for that round is revealed and all of the facts are known, the guests move on to the next round. Guests read another sheet of facts pertaining to the mystery. As the conversation goes on and fingers are pointed, more and more of the mystery is unraveled. By the end of the game, after all of the rounds are played, guests should be able to give a few guesses to who the murderer is.

Ask guests to dress up for the occasion. Send each one a few notes about who their character is and a little bit about the era the party is going to take place in. Decorate your home with in the decade of the mystery.

The game can be played at a dinner party. Serve an elegant dinner with several courses in which the game is played around. If the game has to do with a large Italian family, serve a large Italian feast. Be creative with your menu but, make the courses small so nobody fills up on one thing. There is nothing more thrilling and fun to take part in then solving your very own murder mystery.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. Here is a place for Party Costumes to help complete your event.

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