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Oregon Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

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A murder mystery party in Oregon is a unique new way to entertain guests. Invite six to eight close friends or family members to your house for a night of role playing and mystery solving fun.

There are several options in which to obtain your murder mystery from. Look online for several different printable versions. You can also choose to buy the mystery in game from or write your own mystery.

Each guest is assigned a role to play. From the start nobody knows how the game will turn out. During the first part of the game each guest is given a fact sheet of clues about their character and the characters around them. When all of the information for that round is revealed and all of the facts are known, the guests move on to the next round. Guests read another sheet of facts pertaining to the mystery. As the conversation goes on and fingers are pointed, more and more of the mystery is unraveled. By the end of the game, after all of the rounds are played, guests should be able to give a few guesses to who the murderer is.

Ask guests to dress up for the occasion. Send each one a few notes about who their character is and a little bit about the era the party is going to take place in. Decorate your home with in the decade of the mystery.

The game can be played at a dinner party. Serve an elegant dinner with several courses in which the game is played around. If the game has to do with a large Italian family, serve a large Italian feast. Be creative with your menu but, make the courses small so nobody fills up on one thing. There is nothing more thrilling and fun to take part in then solving your very own murder mystery.

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